My husband and I lost our long awaited and beautiful baby girl at 5 months gestation. Going through the worst time of our lives, Artesha was introduced to me by one of our mutual friends. I received the Peyton’s purpose package just a few days after our loss and it was a blessing. I felt that I wasn’t alone, I felt that someone was thinking of me. A few weeks after that we were able to meet and she has impacted my life in a huge way. Not only is she admirable for turning her pain into purpose but she’s a woman of God and a beautiful soul. Thank you for always checking on me and thank you for being an inspiration for us all going through something so difficult.

Much love,

Jen Fonseca 
Kissimmee, Florida 
I’m a hairstylist and I met Artesha because she was referred to me by a close friend of mine! We got to talking while I was doing her hair, and she told me all about Peyton’s Purpose. So then I went into telling her my story about losing my baby as well. It was so great being able to open up to someone who has experienced the same kind of loss. I told Artesha that I wished I had someone like her when I experienced my loss. At the end of her service, I told her how amazing it was to meet her! About 30 minutes later, she came back to the salon and brought me a Peyton’s Purpose care package. It brought me to tears…how someone you just met can impact your life so very much. Thank you Artesha. You will never truly know how much that meant to me! ❤

-Cassidy Lynch

Winter Haven, Florida

I came across Peyton’s Purpose through an old co-worker of mine. She had provided me with a link that redirected me towards this page. I took a leap of faith not knowing that to expect. Peyton’s Purpose has allowed me to feel as if I am not alone as we may feel alone once we lose our unborn child. When I received my package I was given useful tools that helped both my husband and I deal with the loss of our pregnancy. One at the time until we discovered we were pregnant again. I lost my first pregnancy in June with just one child, we found out we were pregnant again in September only to lose our twins on Thanksgiving 2016. This package has helped me not alone reflect on my losses but to also want to do more since miscarriage is often a taboo subject that people do not like talking about. I am still coming to terms that loses are not as rare as I thought. I am grateful to have come across this organization as it helps spread awareness and help to those who may need it. Having an individual share their story and help others is beyond the greatest feeling. I am truly blessed to know that the support and help is there when needed.

Tiffany G
Kissimmee, Fl


John 13: 7 Jesus answered and said unto him, “What I do you do not realize now, but you will understand hereafter.

7 years ago I faced the loss of my angel. Peyton’s Purpose has allowed me to face my pain head on, as opposed to keeping it tucked away and not dealing with it as I’d done for the past 7 years. The grief I have for my baby is still there. My husband and I talk about what life would be like if we had all 4 children here with us, but we know that God had greater plans for our baby.

It is with great pleasure that I am able to support Artesha as she extends her heart to the other women that have loss an angel. I’m so glad that so many women have joined Peyton’s Purpose and taken a stance to make society more aware of how prevalent infant loss is in our community.

Davina Taylor
Winter Haven, Florida


December 18, 2016 was the day Delroy and I lost our unborn child, I was 14 weeks 6 days. Once Artesha heard of the news, she immediately contacted us and sent her condolences for our lost. A few days later we received a grief package from Peyton’s Purpose. Even though this is not my first pregnancy it was my first miscarriage and I didn’t know what to do. In the grief package there are a few items that is helping me thru this trying time. I would like to Thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending the lovely grief package. Your kind thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Jazmin & Delroy
Casselberry, Fl 


Peyton’s Purpose is wonderful! I messaged about sending a care package to my best friend. Artesha was very caring and understanding. Not only did she take the time to listen, but she responded in a caring way with advice on how to get through all of this. I opened up to her about my recent loss as well and Peyton’s Purpose insisted on sending me a care package as well. I was shocked and flattered because of the generosity of Peyton’s Purpose. The package came very quickly and I loved everything that was included. I’m still reading the book that was sent and it’s helping me get through everything. The chocolate was a great thing to send because, it helped me feel better because we all know chocolate helps everything! Thank you for everything you did for my best friend through her difficult time and mine as well. 

Angeline Dunn
Carrier Mills, IL 


In Aug 2016 I had a miscarriage. My family and I were devastated. I received a package in the mail from Peyton’s Purpose. It made me smile and gave me some hope. Everything in it was something to help me recover. You really don’t know how many other families are going through the same thing you have. I am thankful for Peyton’s Purpose. 

Auburndale, FL


My name is Jacqulin and my wife and I are so grateful for Peyton’s Purpose. It really helped in the loss of our child. God knows who to send and he sent Peyton’s Purpose the material and the gifts we received were very heart warming and comforting. I thank God for such a organization as this because it ministers to the soul and to the heart.  I pray God richly blesses Artesha for her support and good heart for such a time as this.  

Jacqulin & Shatoya Norris
Flint, MI