1. I requested a care package, what is the processing time to receive it? Typically processing times are 7-10 business days. However the times may be longer if they are a lot of requests to be filled.
2. I have experience more than one loss of a pregnancy, may I submit more than one request? No, we are unable to provide more than one request per household. Please do not submit duplicate requests, they will not be shipped.
3. I would like to become a monthly sponsor, how would I set that up? On the donate link, there is an option to become a monthly sponsor.  PayPal will send an invoice each month to the email address you provide. All donations are tax deductible and documentation of donations for the year will be sent out  upon request.
4. I would like more information about Peyton’s Purpose and the services that are provided. Please click on the “About us” tab to learn more.