Peyton Jeremyah Spencer

Affectionately known as “PK” which stands for Promise Kept. Peyton was well anticipated and loved before he was ever conceived. After learning of his conception after 7 years, the people who know and love his parents’ faith was renewed. His conception was a miracle from God! His parents learned that he was on the way July 1, 2015 and he would be the 7th grandchild to his maternal grandparents. Peyton would make his transition to heaven on December 7, 2015. However his actual birth would occur 2 days later. In the bible, God’s work was done on the 7th day and he rested. Peyton’s untimely passing would be a catalyst for Peyton’s Purpose to begin. The number 7 means completion. Peyton’s work was done here on earth but the work would begin to bring healing and hope to other families who would experience the loss of a child. Peyton’s mother and father couldn’t be more proud to be the parents of such a remarkable little boy who legacy is helping countless families. Peyton Jeremyah is loved and missed but through Peyton’s Purpose, his memory will never die.